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Relationships, Intimacy, Sex

Improve Your Relationship Now
Problems and conflicts are normal in all primary relationships and should be viewed as opportunities to make improvements. Dr. John explains some simple, positive actions that will immediately begin to improve your relationship and increase your fun together.

Problems with Depression, Stress, Addictions, Codependency

Depression - Best Practices for Help and Healing
Successful treatment of depression is holistic—it involves the whole person—mind, body, spirit, and social interaction. This article explains the facts about depression and what you can do to get effective help. Learn how attention to the energy systems within the person can support healing.

Addictions and Codependency - The Path to Recovery
This article defines addiction and codependency, explains why addiction is a family problem and how families get trapped in destructive patterns of enabling behavior, and provides solid tips on the early steps to recovery.

Affirmations and Coaching Tips

Affirm a Joyful, Spirit-filled Life
Five sets of affirmations for transforming all areas of your life. Surrender to the life you were born to have - filled with spiritual blessings, health, courage, proactivity, and loving relationships.

Five Holiday Blessings for You!
You can use these simple blessings to create holidays filled with joy and contentment. Use proven strategies to prevent stress and holiday blues.

Productive Days Begin at Night
Scheduling your time each day is the foundation for building a successful life. Two of the most important times each day are your morning and evening. Find out how you can develop bedtime activities that promote success and health. Learn about symptoms and warning signs of sleep disturbance and sleep apnea.

Tools for Transformation #1. Transform Thinking — Transform Life
Learn how thinking influences feelings and behavior. When you begin to change how you think, you will discover that your life is changing toward your intended goals.

Winning Strategies
Why do top athletes and business executives need coaching? I am sure they hire coaches because coaching is a proven way to be a winner—they know it works.



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