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Resources for Personal Growth and Healing

Articles by Dr. John

Check out these short articles on a variety of topics, including relationships, intimacy, sex, depression, addiction, codependency, affirmations, positive thinking.

Books, Music, Videos

I am in the process of creating lists of the books, music, and videos that I recommend to my clients, family, and friends. The categories include: relationships and intimacy, spirituality, men's issues, body and somatic healing, sex and tantra, music for healing, expressive dance, and chant / kirtan. Please check back later.

Links to Local Groups and Organizations

Explore new directions for spirituality, personal growth, sexuality, and healing! These groups and organizations offer unique opportunities for you to meet and connect with interesting Tampa Bay area men and women. Browse the Tampa Bay Resource Directory.

Links to National Organizations

These organizations provide important information, resources, and workshops related to many issues, including: healing, personal growth, sexuality, and spirituality. Browse the National Resource Directory.


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