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Improve Your Relationship Now!

5 Minutes to a Happier Relationship

You can start improving your relationship immediately! Take a few minutes to read and think about these ideas. Then do some experiments based on these suggestions.

Stop Spinning Your Wheels!

Keeping relationships on track is not always easy, especially when you feel overwhelmed or stuck in a rut. Sometimes it may seem like everything you do to help just makes things worse. Over time, feelings of love and trust erode until it may feel like there is nothing left of the original loving relationship.

If this is your case, one thing is certain, persisting in the same old attitudes and behaviors has not worked in the past and won't work now. If you keep spinning your wheels, you will just dig yourself deeper into the rut.

What You Can Do Now

There are many powerful coaching strategies that can help you to transform your life and relationships. Here are a few tips to get started:

  • View problems, conflicts, and dissatisfaction as wake up calls pointing to the need for change.
  • Change begins with you! Stop focusing on your mate's short-comings. Give up trying to change or fix them. Instead, make an unconditional commitment to improve yourself. You are responsible for making those changes that are fully within your reach, which is the most logical place to begin.
  • Practice good self-care and learn how to love yourself. Becoming a partner in a healthy relationship begins with loving yourself. The more you connect with yourself, the more you can connect with your loved ones.
  • Do more of what works and less of what doesn't. Don't persist in behaviors that have never worked — try something new.
  • Good communication begins with stopping destructive communication. Stop spinning your wheels. Stop tormenting yourself and your partner by blaming, arguing, and digging in the past. Stop nagging, criticizing, getting even, and punishing. Stop shutting them out. These behaviors are destrutive and will never help. Just stop!
  • And when it comes to sex, guess where you need to start? Yep, with yourself. Begin by reminding yourself that sex does matter: sexual pleasure is your birthright! Give yourself permission to fully explore your own body and enjoy self-pleasuring. Learn to be the most sensitive, respectful, patient, passionate sex partner with yourself!
  • Focus on what you like and love about your partner. Tell them some of these things every day!
  • Share more quality time together and schedule more fun activities.
  • Sometimes, self-help strategies may not be enough to change destructive patterns. If you are not making progress or feel like things are getting worse, call me. We can discuss your concerns and how working together can help.



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