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Winners Have Coaches

Have you ever noticed the television interviews of coaches during the Olympics? Such interviews make it clear that coaching strongly influences an athlete's performance. World-class athletes don't have mediocre coaches. Nor would any serious athlete consider a go-it-alone approach using books and videos to substitute for coaching.

The huge salaries of football coaches at major universities are more evidence that coaches provide great value. Top coaches may be paid more than the university president and top professors, to the tune of several million dollars a year.

Just as in sports, businesses must deal with fierce competition and high stakes. Top companies have long recognized that coaching gives their executives and managers a winning edge.

No matter how naturally talented they may be, winners know that peak performance doesn't just fall out of the sky! They know that winning is a conscious choice to take responsibility for getting the desired results. If they want to keep winning, they have to keep building their strength and skills through hard work and coaching.

If you want to be a winner, do what winners do!



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