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Life Coaching for Depression

Depression is a serious illness that requires effective treatment. I know because I grew up in a family crippled by severe depression and I suffered from depression for many years before I found my way into recovery.

Once people recognize the problem and try to get help, they often feel discouraged when their efforts don't seem to have a lasting impact on depression. This is because of the complex nature of depression. A successful approach to recovery from depression must address the whole person—mind, body, spirit, and social context. Understanding and addressing the holistic nature of depression requires integrated, long-term help from a variety of resources and perspectives.

I am available to help you develop a long-term recovery plan and to coordinate your recovery efforts with everyone involved, including family members, medical care-givers, and spiritual/pastoral care-givers.

If you want more information about depression for yourself or a loved one, my article, Depression: Strategies for Hope and Healing, provides you with important facts and information, describes the main symptoms, and explains practical steps you can take to get started in recovery.

I have helped many people reclaim their lives from depression. I will be glad to talk with you about how you can recover from depression, reduce stress, increase energy, and enjoy your life more!



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