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What My Clients Say about My Effectiveness

John's coaching helped me better understand my priorities and what obstacles I was facing at that point in my life. We were then able to devise both short and long term goals as well as plans for moving forward. I found his approach to be very action oriented which allowed me to both understand my situation and take concrete steps towards improving my life.

—DC, Information Technology, Tampa, Florida

After I retired from Mental Health Counseling, I began to slip into a decline which escalated into a downward spiral of epic proportions. As a "former LMHC" I rationalized that I should know enought to heal myself. Fortunately for me, I read John Arnaldi's blog and immediately recognized him as a person I could talk to. He has literally saved my life. I recommend him to any person seeking help adjusting to life's twists and turns.

—J.B., Retired Counselor, Tampa, Florida

As a social service professional with many years of helping others face into their dilemmas, I recently discovered that I was facing several new challenges myself! John's coaching gave me confidence to face squarely into these issues. He enabled me to quickly fashion perspectives and practices that felt better and worked better. I continue to use these lessons daily. Thanks, John!

—MSR, Ph.D., Psychological Services, Tampa, Florida

Student Evaluations of My Teaching

  • Dr. Arnaldi is an amazing professor...respectful and encouraging. A true educator.
  • He provided course material and discussion that truly changed my life.
  • I have a doctor's degree in school administration. John Arnaldi was stimulating, informative and outstanding in presentations.
  • This is the best class I have taken and this instructor is the reason.
  • I honestly wanted to stay longer than the allotted class time.
  • He listens and he provides an excellent learning environment.
  • This class has deeply affected my life. We need more professors like him.
  • Very open and honest. Models the counselor behavior he wishes to teach.
  • Gained more than in any other class in 7 years.

Feedback from Colleagues

I always look forward to your presentation in my class and the results it brings. One student has had a difficult time in learning the therapy role. A light bulb exploded for her! She has really made rapid and excellent progress. Several other students are also incorporating some of your content. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the class. You are a master teacher.

—Dr. OR, Distinguished University Professor and Department Chair, University of South Florida

My sincerest appreciation for the tremendous presentation you made to my graduate counseling class last night. I spoke with some of the students after class, and they simply unsolicitedly raved about your presentation, and especially about you. Thanks for your professionalism, your excellent presentation and simply being you!

—Dr. WGE, Distinguished Research Professor, University of South Florida

The Perspectives of a Friend

In the 16 years we've known each other, you have helped me and others deal with life transitions: small, medium, large, and catastrophic! Regarding family relationships, work relationships, and marriage, you are a bit of a magician. You have an uncanny ability to reach into your seemingly bottomless top hat and produce exactly what is needed, no more and no less. Now armed with the perfect tool, plan, insight, or attitude, I find myself newly empowered and things finally make sense. Things no longer feel hopeless. Things begin to get better.

Things would be so much worse at work without your coaching that I am certain I would have walked-out or been fired. Something like that happened to my predecessor there.

A week ago M. and I were in the bookstore looking at children's books, and I saw The Tales of Br'er Rabbit. I was reminded how you used the Tar Baby story to get me out of a very psychologically painful and dangerous work situation a few years ago.

--ES, M.A., Tampa, Florida



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