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Infidelity and Sex Addictions

Secret sexual acting out may take many forms, including affairs (infidelity), addiction to pornography, texting or chatting online, or having sex with anonymous hookups or prostitutes. Such behaviors promise an escape into easy sex without the responsibilities and frustrations of creating intimacy with a committed partner.

If these behaviors remain hidden, they will block growth, intimacy, and pleasure within the primary relationship/marriage, and will cause increasing harm to everyone involved.

Can your marriage be saved?

If you have discovered that your partner has been cheating on you or has a secret sex life this can be deeply painful and turn your world upside down.

If your sexual life involves keeping secrets from your partner, this will be destructive to your relationship and to your own peace of mind. Sexual acting out can be exciting, but it does not lead to satisfying sex or intimacy.

For everyone involved, feelings of hurt, anger, disgust, and/or humiliation are normal responses. Don't let these intense feelings or anything else stop you from getting the help you need.

Although you may feel awful and your relationship may seem hopeless during the initial crisis stage, the discovery or admission of sexual acting out is the first step to healing. As painful as it is, this is an important opportunity for growth and healing for both of you and your relationship.

Honesty from both partners is essential for recovery. Early recovery will also involve learning good self-care and how to deal with the intense feelings that arise.

Later in recovery, both partners will need help to address the root problems of shame, codependency, and fears of intimacy.

The experience of recovering from sexual acting out can bring partners closer together than before. With honesty, commitment, and improved communication both partners can move into real-life passion and deeply satisfying intimacy.

I am available to help you to sort out your feelings and I can guide you in the steps necessary to begin healing.

12-Step Groups can also be helpful. For listings, check Sex Addictions Support Groups in my Tampa Bay Resource Directory.

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