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More on Intimacy and Sex After Cancer Treatment


Cancer and Sex: Why Is Nobody Talking About It?
Abigail Jones, Newsweek, 7/19/17

Self-Image and Sexuality
NIH National Cancer Institue, June 02, 2017

Sex and Intimacy After Cancer
Lacey Meyer, Cure, June 06, 2010

The Sexual Aftermath of Cancer: From impotence to “chemopause” to missing body parts, treatment side effects can mess with patients’ sex lives—why don’t we talk about it more? (Part 1)
Diane Mapes, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, July 2016

Your Cancer Sex Rx: expert tip, tools, and tricks to help you reboot your post-cancer body and rekindle intimacy after cancer treatment (Part 2)
Diane Mapes, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, July 2016


Facing Forward: Life After Cancer Treatment
National Cancer Institute (USA), March 2018

Information for Men on Sexual Wellbeing After Pelvic Cancer Treatment
National Cancer Control Programme (Ireland), November 2016

Sexuality, Intimacy, and Cancer: a guide for people with cancer and their partners
Cancer Council Australia, May 2016 (download booklet)

Sexual Wellbeing After Breast or Pelvic Cancer Treatment: a guide for women
National Cancer Control Programme (Ireland), January 2018

Understanding Sexual Issues Following Prostate Cancer Treatment
Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, 2014


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