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Bisexuals and Mixed Orientation Marriages

Do you have questions or concerns about bisexual feelings or fantasies?

Are you trying to sort out and explore your sexual identity? Does it feel like your sexual identity is fluid or just doesn't fit the categories?

Are you in a mixed orientation marriage? Mixed orientation relationships are those in which your sexual identity/orientation differs from your partner's. An example is a bisexual man married to a straight (heterosexual) woman.

Aren't bisexuals just closet gays (trying to play it straight)? This is one of the most common myths about bisexuals. Another myth is that bisexuals can never settle down and be happy with a single partner of either sex. The myths about bisexuality are damaging to all concerned.

I know the challenges and difficulties of being bisexual. I am a monogamous bisexual and I have been in several mixed orientation relationships and a mixed orientation marriage.

I help individuals and couples come out from the shadows so they can talk honestly, grow in their understanding of their sexual identity, negotiate healthy boundaries and new ways of being together, and decide if they will continue in relationship together.

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