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Help for Your Relationship

Concerns about relationships are more common than most people realize.
Relationship problems often bring a mix of painful emotions that can include anger, frustration, disappointment, hurt, sadness, cynicism, and shame. Shame is difficult to overcome because it tends to make people feel like hiding or avoiding their concerns. Shame, silence, and isolation do not lead to health. Or to satisfying relationships.

There are better options. As difficult as it is to experience problems in your relationship, you can choose to view them as reminders that you need to find answers and make changes. Don't beat yourself up because you haven't been able to resolve them on your own. Instead, reach out and get the answers and help you need. There is no shame in getting what you want and deserve!

If you are concerned about intimacy problems and/or dissatisfaction with your sex life, effective help is available. In my adult life I have had my share of problems with relationships, intimacy, and sex. I know how much disappointment and unhappiness people can experience in these important areas of our lives. And, thankfully, I know from my own life how much joy and satisfaction are possible as we begin healing.

I want to help you and your partner heal your wounds and open your hearts to each other. I provide education and guidance within a safe, comfortable, non-judgmental space where you can freely discuss all of your relationship concerns and begin building a more loving relationship.

I work with men, women, and couples. I have experience working with straight, gay, and bisexual people.

For some helpful tips, read my article: Improve Your Relationships Now.


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