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Low Sexual Desire and Problems Achieving Orgasm

Many people, both men and women, experience low sexual desire and/or lack of sexual pleasure. Problems with delayed or diminished orgasms are also common.

Situational conditions, health problems, and/or psycho-social factors may be contributors. Relationship conflicts and intimacy problems also can cause difficulties.

Some factors have long-term effects, like shame, mistaken beliefs, negative body image, and traumatic experiences. These can block or diminish pleasure throughout an individual's lifetime, often without the individual's awareness.

Low self-esteem and negative body image can get in the way of love, intimacy, and sex. Negative body image means you feel unhappy with or ashamed of your appearance or parts of your body.

In coaching, we can discuss ways that you and your partner can increase the capacity for delightful pleasure and intimate connection, including how to achieve deeply satisfying orgasms. We begin by identifying your concerns and the sources of the problem.

Reaching your full potential for pleasure requires learning to love yourself and your body, without shame or judgment. I can help you to learn to strengthen your boundaries, to communicate to your partner exactly what you want and don't want, and to surrender to the experience of receiving pleasure (without feeling threatened, overwhelmed, discouraged, or ashamed). 

I also teach individuals and couples how to experience ecstatic full-body orgasms.

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