Forty Blogs for Forty Days of Lent – Day 9

Listening to Intuition


Okay, so sleep is important. I’ve been doing lots of good body stuff, but coming up short on sleep. So today after lunch I took a nap. It helped.

Got into my body work after 6 PM. Tonight my intention was to open myself up and gather my energy in preparation for a presentation I am giving tomorrow. As I explored through expressive movement, I was enjoying the strength I felt in my body. My muscles are expanding and my flexibility is increasing. And, I am feeling more of a sense of ownership of my body. Afterward, when I stood naked in front of the mirror, I saw how much these changes show in my physical appearance. Literally, I saw a new man living in a vibrant, new body.

I’ve been trying to write tonight, but the word spring is not flowing. I need to focus on preparing for my presentation tomorrow.

I just had a hot shower. My intuitive voice keeps saying, “Go to bed.”

I am trying to respect my intuitions. Even when they don’t fit my agenda. This is progress.

My mind and body are tired. I’m headed to bed.

Sweet dreams!

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